Meal Delivery

Healthy, made-to-order meals delivered fresh to your door!

 For the past 7 years we have been creating delicious sauces and tasty recipes while giving you the tools to do the shopping.  Today, that changes! We've teamed up with FreshRealm to bring you some of our favorite Tessipes as full prepped meals, made from real FRESH ingredients and delivered to your home. 


Here's what we love.. and you will too

Your Vessel arrives with fully-prepped ingredients (cut, chopped, and portioned) to make our favorite Tessipes (right now just dinner but we're expanding)!! Meals for two or a full family are available. You can also order ready-to-eat snacks & beverages to complete your meals. There's no subscription required – order as often or as little as you want. You'll receive recipe cards with easy to follow directions to make everything at home with simply labeled ingredients to match your recipes!


    We LOVE fresh food, so yeah, that's what you'll get too

    All orders are filled on demand and prepped just for you the day before it’s shipped to your home with the freshest produce available (up to 5 days fresher then the grocery stores). Tessemae's has supplied our friends at FreshRealm with our recipes and salad dressing so it's 100% Mom approved!  The State of the art Vessel is delivered directly to your door, kept cool and fresh. Once you try something and you can't get enough -- you can reorder the same recipes instead of a changing menu each week!




      Unlike other meal delivery options, your food isn’t delivered in a cardboard box. The Tessemae's meals are delivered in a reusable, temperature controlled Vessel that keeps the food you ordered fresh, cool, and safe!

      Step 1: Unpack your Vessel and refrigerate fresh items

      Step 2: Peel off shipping label to reveal prepaid return label

      Step 3: Return Vessel to your front door, FedEx automatically picks up the next business day

        **Limited Delivery Area with New Delivery Markets Coming Soon!**