Stamp Legend

We didn't set out to make our dressings Paleo or Vegan or "free" of anything in particular, we just always used all natural ingredients. When it comes to what we put in our products, we just say no. No to artificial ingredients, no to stabilizers, and no to stuff that was invented in a chemistry lab. 


If you don't use ingredients that contain gluten, you won't have gluten in your products. It's pretty simple.
Refined sugninears are scary, so we don't use any. We use date puree when we need a sweetener.
We love cows, but we don't use dairy.
See above regarding cows. We don't use any animal products.
For all you cave people, our dressings adhere to the guidelines of the Paleo diet.
Our products are certified EarthKosher by Rabbi Zushe Blech.
Great tasting, and lower sodium. How can you beat that?!
Our products are Whole30® approved;