To: Your Niece & Nephew

Special Price: $25.00

Okay, so the kids on your list may want toys over salad dressing, but their parents will love your thoughtful gift of kid-approved sauces and dressings! These flavorful sauces will get even the pickiest eater to not only eat their veggies, but LOVE their veggies.

This 4 pack includes: Avocado Ranch | Unsweetened Ketchup | Honey BBQ | Pantry Classic Ranch


To: Your Friends Doing the Whole30

Special Price: $32.00

The gift that keeps on giving! Help your friends and family on their Whole30 journey with this special gift set of all Whole30 Approved dressings, condiments, and marinades to dress up any dish. All 100% organic and clean label, which takes the guess work out of eating.

This 6 pack includes: Slow Roasted Garlic | Diggy's Sweet & Spicy BBQ | Mayonnaise | Pantry Classic Ranch | Lemon Garlic | Pantry Buffalo Ranch

To: Your Sibling With the Sweet Tooth

Special Price: $25.00

Not sure what to get your brother or sister with the sweet tooth? We’ve assembled this special pack of some of our most popular flavors, all with that extra natural sweetness, but no added sugar.
It's a win-win!

This 4 pack includes: Honey Mustard | Honey BBQ | Chocolate BBQ | Honey Poppyseed