Fall 2016 Meal Planner

Week of December 18th

Sunday Prep for Monday: Bacon, Avocado & Honey Balsamic Lettuce Wraps, recipe doubled
Monday Paleo/ Primal: Honey Mustard & Rosemary Roasted Chicken with Broccoli Rabe
Tuesday Whole 30: Matty’s BBQ Meatballs with roasted sweet potatoes, for serving
Wednesday Blog Recipe: Whole Roasted Cauliflower with Scallion Ranch Sauce, with salad greens
Thursday Fast: Lemon Pepper Tilapia with Roasted Broccolini
Friday Happy Hour: Plantain Chips with Spring Herb Pesto


Week of December 11th

Sunday Prep for Monday: Egg Salad Bento Box (recipe doubled)
Monday Paleo/ Primal:   Roasted Cornish Hens with Grapes & Rosemary (recipe doubled), with salad greens for serving
Tuesday Whole 30: Chesapeake Rockfish with Sweet Potato Mash
Wednesday Blog Recipe: Buffalo Chicken Bake
Thursday Fast: Southwest Shrimp Tacos
Friday Happy Hour: Goat Cheese Stuffed Cremini Mushrooms


Week of December 4th

Sunday Prep for Monday: Lemon Herb Salmon Cakes with baked sweet potatoes, for serving
Monday Paleo/ Primal:  Seared Steaks with Parsnip Fries and Garlic Mayo
Tuesday Whole 30: Crispy Dijon Chicken Thighs with Salad Greens
Wednesday Blog Recipe: Slow Roasted Cabbage with Poached Eggs
Thursday Fast: Butternut Squash Soup with cauliflower rice, for serving
Friday Happy Hour: Elvis Poppers


Week of November 27th

Sunday Prep for Monday: Crunchy Soba Salad with Bacon, recipe doubled
Monday Paleo/ Primal:  Paleo Turkey Meatloaf with Salad Greens
Tuesday Whole 30: Buffalo Turkey Burgers with Creamy Broccoli Slaw
Wednesday Blog Recipe: Braised Beef Brisket & Green Salad
Thursday Fast: One Pan Honey Balsamic Salmon with Bacon Brussels Sprouts, recipe doubled
Friday Happy Hour: Guac Eggs


Week of November 20th - Thanksgiving!

Marinated Brussels Sprouts Salad
Roasted Shallots & Butternut Squash
Dried Cherry, Cauliflower & Sausage Stuffing
Fresh Cranberry & Pear Sauce
Creamy Green Beans & Mushrooms
Easy Roast Turkey & Gravy


Week of November 13th

Sunday Prep for Monday: Cod with Watercress Rice
Monday Paleo/ Primal: Buttered Sweet Potato Noodles with Chesapeake Scallops
Tuesday Whole 30: Carrot & Thyme Salad with Chicken
Wednesday Blog Recipe: Roast Chicken, Bread & Arugula Salad
Thursday Fast: Turkey Sliders with Cucumber, Avocado & Honey Mustard
Friday Happy Hour: Chive & Cracked Pepper Popcorn

Week of November 6th

Sunday Prep for Monday: Spaghetti Squash Pie
Monday Paleo/ Primal:    Garlic Chicken Breasts with Celery & Olive Salad recipe doubled
Tuesday Whole 30: - BBQ Glazed Salmon with Horseradish Mayo & Cauliflower Rice for serving
Wednesday Blog Recipe:  Slow Cooker Beef & Barley Soup
Thursday Fast: Chicken Saltimbocca with Salad Greens for serving
Friday Happy Hour: Bacon Wrapped Dates

Week of October 30th

Sunday Prep for Monday: Glazed Chicken Thighs with Baby Carrots & Mint Pesto
Monday Paleo/ Primal:   Lemon Garlic Chicken & Artichokes
Tuesday Whole 30: - Halibut with Bok Choy, Oranges & Shallots, recipe doubled
Wednesday Blog Recipe:  Picadillo with Quinoa
Thursday Fast: Pork Piccata with Arugula & Radish Salad
Friday Happy Hour: White Bean Rosemary Dip



Week of October 23rd

Sunday Prep for Monday: Fresh Sausage & Italian Potato Bake
Monday Paleo/ Primal:  Salmon with Pears, Green Beans & Pistachios  
Tuesday Whole 30: Crispy Chicken Thighs with Roasted Fennel & Lemon
Wednesday Blog Recipe: Bacon Ranch Turkey Burgers
Thursday Fast: Flank Steak with Quinoa & Broccoli Pilaf
Friday Happy Hour: Bacon Creamy Ranch Deviled Eggs

new ranch bacon turkey burgers  new ranch bacon deviled eggs

Week of October 16th

Sunday Prep for Monday: Chicken, Butternut Squash & Apple Stew
Monday Paleo/ Primal:  Bibb & Fennel Salad with Seared Shrimp
Tuesday Whole 30: - Seared Salmon with Mustard Greens and Avocado
Wednesday Blog Recipe:  Greek Lemon Soup with Quinoa Orzo
Thursday Fast: Spaghetti with Pepper, Pecorino & Kale
Friday Happy Hour: Layered Taco Dips


Week of October 9th

Sunday Prep for Monday: Salmon with Sweet Potato, Ham & Crispy Kale Hash
Monday Paleo/ Primal: Sweet Potato Shepherd’s Pie
Tuesday Whole 30: - Cajun Shrimp & Cauliflower Rice
Wednesday Blog Recipe: Mini Meatloaves with Roasted Broccoli
Thursday Fast: Fettuccine with Crispy Pancetta, Brussels & Fried Eggs
Friday Happy Hour: Magical Chesapeake Nut Mix


Week of October 2nd

Lunch for Monday: Mojo Skirt Steak with Plantains
Whole30 Seafood: Cajun Shrimp with Cauliflower Rice
Whole30 Chicken: Chicken Shawarma Lettuce Wraps
Whole30 Blog Recipe: Mini Meatloaves with Roasted Broccoli
Whole30 Comfort Food: Garlic Braised Brisket & Root Veggies
Whole30 Sandwich: Turkey Avocado Egg Wraps (recipe doubled)