Organic Creamy Caesar

  • Organic Creamy Caesar - Tessemae's All Natural
  • Organic Creamy Caesar - Tessemae's All Natural

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All Hail Caesar!  One taste and suddenly, just like Julius, world domination seems very possible.   Granted, our version is more about  delivering real, honest, clean food than  plundering far off  lands with catapults,  flaming arrows, and gladiators.  But  we’re not here to judge. 

This product is Whole30 Approved, Keto Friendly, Dairy Free, Sugar Free, and Gluten Free.

Ingredients: *High Oleic Sunflower Oil,*Lemon Juice, Water, *Mustard (*Vinegar, Water, *Mustard Seeds, Salt, *Spices), *Coconut Aminos, *Extra Virgin Olive Oil, *Cage Free Salted Egg Yolks (*Cage Free Egg Yolks, Salt), *Black Pepper, *Distilled Vinegar, Sea Salt, *Onion Powder, *Garlic Powder, *Whole Egg.

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